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MS Pipe
MS pipes are extremely strong, accurate in dimensions and durable. These are used for transferring liquids, gases and solid as well, from one end to the another. MS pipes are used in pharmaceuticals, power generating, oil & gas industries.
Pipes & Tubes
Pipes & tubes have a versatile nature owing to which, these are applicable for various outdoor, indoor and marine applications. These are found mostly in the processing of bathroom supplies, plumbing & drainage systems and kitchen tools. Pipes & tubes are strong and durable.
MS Reducer
MS reducers are a part of pipe fittings that are designed for joining two different sizes of pipes together. These are easy to use due to their compactness and lightness. Our offerings have high performance efficiency and fine finishing. Can be availed in different sizes.
Flanges are created for the blocking the leakage by providing watertight seal. These are highly efficient, sturdy in construction and anti-abrasive in nature. Our offerings are usually used for tanks, manholes, shafts, pools and more. Flanges have a mild steel body.
MS Elbow
MS elbows change the direction of a flow. These are known for their fast transition of direction. Our offerings also join two pipes together for turning the direction of flow. MS elbows are attributed with longer service life, sturdiness and compactness.
API 5L Steel Line Pipes
API 5L Steel Line Pipes are commonly utilised in the fabrication of water wall pipes, boiling water pipes, superheated steam pipes, superheated steam pipes for locomotive boilers, big and tiny smoke pipes, and arched brick pipes. They are used for both above- and below-ground liquid, gas, and steam services. 
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe is formed from a solid round steel 'billet' that is heated and pressed or drawn over a form until it is moulded into a hollow tube. Billets are obtained from both domestic and international sources. 
ERW Pipes
ERW Pipes are utilised in engineering, fencing, scaffolding, the car industry, water and gas transmission, agriculture, and other applications. These pipes are very easy to use and safe to maintain. They are economical and long lasting to utilize. 
A106 ASTM Pipe
A106 ASTM Pipe is noted for its capacity to handle pressure more efficiently than other pipe production procedures, as well as being quick and cost-effective. This pipe is commonly utilized in gas lines and liquid transport pipelines.
MS Tee
MS Tee dimensions must be provided in pipe NPS and thickness must be specified in the schedule, whereas socket weld tee or threaded tee thickness must be specified in pressure class ratings. This is checked under various variables to ensure its excellent performance. 
Valves are composed of steel or stainless steel and come in wafer or flanged ball configurations. They are composed of cast or solid material depending on the kind. They are also utilised in a variety of industries.

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